Annotation via Private Groups

As will be described in a forthcoming post that presents a detailed pedagogical rationale for collaborative reading and annotation practices in both public and private, some of our web annotation with Hypothesis will be “open” for public consumption, and some will be private so as to create more intimate discussion among learners in our course. This brief blog post is a practical – as well as visual and resource-rich – guide to setting up Hypothesis Groups.

Before joining a Hypothesis group, learners new to web annotation will want to read this blog post (from Remi’s previous Games and Learning course) and note, in particular, the instructions toward the end. Having read this post and joined Hypothesis, you’re ready to join a group. This summer term, you’ll actually be joining two groups:

  • One group for everyone in INTE 4340/5340 Learning with Digital Stories (about 40 people)
  • One group for a group of about ten learners (these smaller teams will correspond with letters – Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D)

The lovely folks at Hypothesis have created a great set of resources on Annotating With Groups – it includes two brief videos, and a slideshow. In addition to those resources (check them out!), the following images will assist you in joining our private Hypothesis groups this term.

First, you’ll want to visit our Week 1 page via Canvas and click the noted hyperlink:

hypothesis group step1

Second, you’ll want to click the “Join Summer 16 ILT5340” button:

hypothesis group step2

Third, you’ll see who is in the group, and what documents and annotations have been recently added to this group.

hypothesis group step3

Fourth, when annotating a required Course Reading, you’ll be able to select a group in the upper left corner of the Hypothesis panel, and then post to that group via the “Post” button. (A related aside, when annotating recommended readings, you’re very welcome to contribute public annotations as many of those readings – other blog posts, essays, and articles – already have public and ongoing Hypothesis conversations. And annotation of our weekly pages with Daily creates is also public.)

hypothesis group step4

If you have any questions about joining our Hypothesis groups, please ask!


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