Great Start to the Course!

Hello Digital Storytellers!

On this hot and sunny Sunday afternoon (I live in PA, if you’re wondering why I’m somewhere hot and sunny, and you might be in the rain!) I’m busy reading the great stuff you all posted this week and working on your groups for next week. On that note, don’t forget to submit your theme proposal to the online form by the end of today (Sunday)!

I just have to say how impressed I am with all of you. The first week of this class is challenging, and you all took it in stride, and produced some really great media, critiques and “visual” stories. I feel like I’m learning bits and pieces about you personally though these stories. For those of you that may have felt like this was a huge struggle, or anyone that wants some inspiration here are some links to the work I did last year:

I left out the chapter critiques because my readings were slightly different last year. On that note I wanted to talk a bit about your interest-driven scholarship. These pieces of writing do not have to be a separate blog post from your required reading response (but if you want to keep it that way, that’s cool too). What happened with me last year is something in my readings would prompt me to do some research on another topic. For example, this post from my week one reading response last year. A section of the chapter really made me think about another topic, so I went and found some research and incorporated it into my response.

Now that I’m done with required business, I’m going to tell you a story… Something really cool happened to me this week!

As you all know, I took this class last year, and if you remember my focal theme was “The experiences of a new mother”. This class was just as public last year in terms of blogging and assignment submission as it is this year. So, all of my assignments, critiques, daily creates, etc. are all still available on my blog. A mommy blogger, or at least as far as I can tell, a digital media journalist (I don’t speak Spanish) somehow stumbled upon one of the critiques that I did, and tweeted out a link to all of her followers (over 4000 of them).

This resulted in that particular blog post getting over 1500 views! How cool is that?

Digital Babies Lisa


I find it fitting that this happened the first week of this course. It just goes to show that your work is out there, and someday maybe you’ll reach a larger audience!


One thought on “Great Start to the Course!”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for posting thie blog. The story of your focal theme really eased my anxiety as I was torn that finding something I am really interested but not academic at all, say, gardening, or going with a theme more “graduate student appropriate”, such as “language teaching pedagogy”. Now I have made my mind to choose “gardening” as my theme.


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