Another Fantastic Week!

Good Day Storytellers!

Looks like everyone is falling into a groove. I’ve noticed that your assignments and daily creates seem to be coming easier for you and you’re cranking them out like pros!

We had a little snag with hypothesis this week. It seems as though the groups feature malfunctioned but the good people at hypothesis fixed the issue in no time at all. Just a reminder that if you are still having trouble using the program that you might need to update your Chrome extension.

I’m happy to see some of you starting to experiment with your learning. I had a question this week regarding using hypothesis on an iPad. Since I don’t own any Apple devices myself, I tapped into the knowledge of my classmate from the spring who managed to get it working on his iPad.

This week you jumped into the world of video production. I love producing video, it’s probably the part of my job that I enjoy the most. Like many of you, I often run into issues and get frustrated. The finished product is so worth it, when I complete a challenging video I get a huge sense of accomplishment and pride. I’m also waist deep in video myself this week. My assignment for the class that I’m taking is a video assignment, and I’m working on two videos at work, so I feel you! Over the next few days I’ll be watching your assignments and commenting via hypothesis. I’m really looking forward to it!

Next week you’ll be doing a Design assignment from ds106. Some programs that you might find useful when completing your design projects:

  • Gimp – Free image manipulation / editing tool
  • Pixabay – Royalty free / copyright free images
  • Creative Commons – Royalty free / copyright free images (attribution sometimes required)
  • PowerPoint – You wouldn’t believe how much design work you can do with this program (You have access to this through office 365 with CU Denver).

We’ll also be stepping away from Lankshear and Knobel this coming week. I have not read this particular article by Davies and Merchant, and I’m excited to read it and annotate it along with you!

That’s it! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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