Reflecting on 4 weeks as a TA

This semester is the first time I’ve ever been a Teaching Assistant. The only experience I’ve had with a TA before was in my first year statistics course for my undergrad. The TA for that class was available for questions and held a tutorial lab every Friday for those that were struggling. Statistics was my least favorite course during my studies for my bachelor’s degree. That might tell you something about how effective this TA was with his students. Because of this experience, I’m working to be the best Teaching Assistant that I can.

Being a TA has been an adventure. Before the course even started I was working with Remi to design aspects of the course, and come up with ideas on using Hypothesis in this unique class. The first week of class was filled with questions, uncertainties, and overwhelmingness from students. Since then, students have fallen into a groove, and are producing some pretty amazing work.

It hasn’t been easy being a TA. I’m taking a course myself, work full time and have a toddler at home. I’ve figured out how to manage my time pretty well. I still make room in my life for fun hobbies like Tuesday night trivia, and teaching my dog nose work. Somehow, with all this, I still find that I have more spare time than I did last summer while taking this digital storytelling course. I’ve come to realize just how intense this course can be.

Learning with Digital Stories was my first graduate course. I think the pace and intensity set a good example for me on how to be a good graduate student. I often find myself bored with slower paced classes (but the break is nice!). I hope that the experiences that I shared with this class have helped some of the students currently enrolled with the course achieve their academic goals.

Working with Remi has been a fantastic experience. He’s an amazing professor and an even better boss. I would say he’s like a role model to me. I will be teaching my own graduate course in the spring (at the college I work for), and I’m excited to implement some of his teaching strategies and methods into the class.

Although it’s sometimes been a struggle managing my time with all of my responsibilities, I am really enjoying this job. I think a lot of it has to do with the students. These students are great! They do their work in creative and fun ways. I can relate to everyone’s focal theme in one way or another(which makes this job even more fun!). They are really making my job easy and I appreciate it.

The course is half over, and for me the time has flown by. I can’t wait to see what the second half of the course has in store!



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