Finding Voice in Digital Stories

Happy Sunday Digital Storytellers!

It’s been an eventful past few months around the world. There are always world happenings, but you can’t deny that recently there has been a lot happening in the world. From international affairs such as the Turkish military coup to the most recent terror attack in France. There’s also a lot happening at home with the Orlando shooting and the impending presidential election. We’ve also had some happy stories in the news recently, Pokemon Go has had a great reception and is bringing people together like never before, and the NASA Juno spacecraft made it to Jupiter and is sending back stunning images.

There’s no doubt that with our constant digital connectivity we are surrounded by digital stories. It’s easy to get caught up in the fuss of it all, and get overwhelmed with everything that’s being thrown at us. But what’s important is listening for the voice in these digital stories. There are a lot of fluff pieces, or stories that are masked as advertisements, but the really good digital stories are the ones with a voice. You know it when you see it. It evokes emotion, any kind of emotion. Some stories will make you happy, sad, joyful, and maybe even angry. They suck you in and don’t let got. These digital stories are the ones with voice, and sometimes really loud voices.

This week we had one of these digital stories shared with our class. Remi shared a personal story about his recent experience with the COLTT conference organizers. His story is a good story, he uses his voice and evokes emotion. I felt upset after reading his story, not because Remi is a colleague, but because he uses his voice to tell a compelling story. I wasn’t upset at Remi, I was upset at the COLTT organizers. I’ve presented at several conferences similar to to the COLTT conference and I can’t imagine anyone accusing my credibility like they did with Remi. I’m also happy that Remi shared his voice on the topic, when most would keep silent and comply.

All this to say, when you are critiquing your digital stories this week try and find the voice in them. You’ll know when you find it. Also, when creating your ds106 stories this week try and insert your voice. Your focal themes all have a special meaning, and I challenge you to let your expertise in the subject, or opinion on the matters flow through your creations. Make them individual, make them your own!

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone creates for their final ds106 digital stories this week!


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