Welcome CU Denver learners, friends and colleagues, and others to the public home of INTE 4340/5340 Learning with Digital Stories. This graduate course examines new literacies and social learning practices associated with digital storytelling. Our learning moves amongst various private and public spaces, and as an adventure in open/ing/ed educational practices, please know the following:

  • INTE 4340/5340 is DS106 #4life, and you are very welcome to visit our DS106 course site as a complement to this blog. This is the second summer that Learning with Digital Stories has embraced DS106, and we are very grateful for the support and enthusiasm provided by the gurus who have kept the porch light on.
  • Follow us on Twitter via #ILT5340 (also embedded at right).
  • Contribute to this blog and our reading discussions with Hypothesis and web annotation – we’ll see you in the margins! Our use of web annotation builds upon this playful experiment and ongoing research.
  • The intrepid learners of INTE 4340/5340 will be blogging quite a bit – their sites are linked in the blogroll at right.
  • Finally, this course blog is authored by Lisa Dise, TA for INTE 4340/5340, and Remi Holden, juggler-in-chief. Give Lisa all the credit; send your complaints to Remi.